When Should I Call a Moving Company?

Posted on Tue, Mar 13, 2012 @ 09:30 AM

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Although most people would love to spare the expense of hiring professionals when moving, sometimes the benefits significantly outweigh the cost, even if you're only moving to Hartford rather than California. In most cases, money is the biggest deciding factor; so to start, calculate how much a mover would charge you and how much it will cost you to do it on your own. Then ask yourself the following questions:

How much is Your Time Worth?

Nine times out of ten, moving yourself is going to be cheaper if you're just looking at the money you're spending. However, unless you routinely provide your services free of charge to others, you should never discount the fact that putting yourself to work does cost you time, and that's worth something.

So, how much would you pay yourself to move you? While this may sound like a silly question, you should tack this amount on to the cost of moving yourself when comparing your options.

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Do You Have Help?

Whether its long distance moving or local moving, you still have to pack everything up and unload it; with that said, the primary difference between the two is whether help is available or not. If you move yourself locally, chances are you'll have friends or family that you can talk into helping you out for a weekend. Crossing several states, however, may leave you and your immediate family doing the heavy lifting on your own. If this is something that you believe you can't handle, whether due to physical limitations or simply having way too much stuff, calling a moving company may be a good idea.

Is a Moving Company Your Only Option?

If you're downsizing, leaving the country for a while or simply need to store a large amount of stuff in storage units, you may not need to call a moving company at all. Many self-storage companies offer moving services that range from dropping off a unit in your front yard and then picking it up once you fill it, to moving everything to the storage facility for you.

Key Takeaway Points

  • Your time is worth a lot -- don't forget it!
  • Talking friends or family members into travelling a long distance is usually not feasible.
  • There are other options besides moving companies!
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