Professional Movers: Tips for Avoiding "Rogue" Moving Companies

Posted on Tue, Jul 10, 2012 @ 09:00 AM

Professional Movers: Tips for Avoiding "Rogue" Moving Companies

Moving, whether it is locally within Connecticut or over a long distance, is stressful. Trying to organize the best possible moving company would be the first action you will take when you have to move. It would be good to take just a little time and choose the best movers in Connecticut. You may also be looking for storage space to stow away a few things before you can settle down in your new place.

Perhaps the most important factor in this scenario to keep in mind is to stay away from the moving companies which are less than professional. These rogue movers and packers can be spotted by keeping your eyes open for a few telltale signs.

Spotting a rogue moving company:

If you are looking for professional Connecticut movers, it is necessary to first weed out the rogue companies. Normally, such companies will give themselves away by:

  • Quoting an unbelievably low rate
  • Giving a quote without even visiting your home or office
  • Limiting the amount of information available on the website - there is no physical address or contact information
  • Not having a listing or registration with accredited business organizations, like Better Business Bureau
  • Having a very vague or generic name, like ABC Company
  • Never having a real person answer the telephone
  • Being overly accommodating of your every request
  • Never offering or presenting you with necessary documents, like a proper bill and "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move"
  • Asking for an advance right away
  • Being evasive about testimonials or references

Connecticut Movers 

It is a good thing to learn about the different federal regulations that apply to the business of professional moving services before retaining any of the Connecticut movers. Local movers, which are legitimate businesses, will always have your welfare and convenience at the core of their businesses and will not cause you to wonder where your belongings are.

Key Takeaways:

  • Take your time to search for good local movers
  • Do not accept the lowest quote that you receive from packers and movers just because it sounds great
  • Ask for necessary certifications and documents before you retain their services
  • Look for a physical address of the company and visit their premises
  • It is perfectly alright to ask a moving company for references. Professional movers will have no qualms about this request.

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